30 Years in Real Estate

BH Properties is a proven leader in commercial real estate investing. The company owns, operates and re-positions “value-add” real estate across the country.

Over the past three decades, BH Properties has developed its own distinctive commercial real estate investing strategies that have proven equally beneficial to sellers of real property.

The dynamic management team is well known in the industry for quick decisions and quick closings, often closing purchases in days where other companies would take weeks or months.

BH Properties acquires and maximizes the value of underperforming office, industrial, retail and multi-family properties, seeking out properties with excessive vacancy or otherwise in need of new vision. We reposition these assets, patiently seeking out the right tenants for the location. With upgrades and refurbishing, BH Properties successfully transforms its properties into attractive, consistently profitable investments.

The Company has recently added a new acquisition strategy that is focused on acquiring affordable housing. BH intends to build a sizable portfolio of affordable housing assets over the next five years.  This strategy will complement our existing long-term ground lease program and provides a balance to the company’s value add strategy by allowing BH Properties to sell some of its stabilized assets and replace them with longer-term cash flowing properties to support future opportunistic investments.

We take pride in our reputation as trusted business partners, known for working through challenges with sellers and buyers to allow both parties to fulfill their investment strategies. We value our relationships with our tenants, helping them grow across our property portfolio. We know that all our partners (lenders, brokers, and tenants) play crucial roles in our success and we value those relationships.

With our headquarters in Los Angeles, we have regional offices in Dallas, Phoenix, Houston, Seattle, and San Francisco. Please contact us with your investment opportunities.